About us

AddBIO was founded in 2008 and has developed a solution to solve the real problem in the implant industry-weak bone. By coating any implant on the market with a bioactive nanolayer with a bone –strengthening drug, we know that millions of patients will experience better results and faster recovery.

We call our product Zolidd®.

Zolidd® has been evaluated in both pre-clinical and clinical studies, in both instances with excellent results.

The landmark clinical results in the dental indication have generated serious interest from major companies. Clinical results showing significant benefits in orthopaedic indications will be of equal importance in discussions with leading orthopaedic implant partners who can benefit from differentiation and clinical development.



 Clinical and scientific advisors

christer dahlin

Christer Dahlin
PhD, professor

Dentist Christer Dahlin, PhD, professor - Christer has > 25 years of clinical and research experience in dentistry and implantology. He is an assistant professor at the Department of Biomaterial, University of Gothenburg, where he’s focusing on bone regeneration research. He is also working part time as a specialist in oral and maxillofacial surgery. He has a research interest in guided bone regeneration, bone substitute materials and Oral Implants.


per aspenberg

Per Aspenberg 
PhD, professor

Orthopaedic surgeon Per Aspenberg, PhD, professor - Per is a renowned professor and scientist with a strong reputation. His interest in drug interaction with bone led him to investigate effects of locally administered drugs. He’s a pioneer within the field and a co-founder of AddBIO. Per has published more than 250 scientific peer reviewed articles, and is a frequent guest lecturer at international meetings.


Orthopeadic industry expert Philip Procter, PhD, professor - Philip is an independent consultant and acting Strategic Business & Marketing Director of AddBIO. Dr. Procter has > 30 years experience working in the orthopaedic industry, in R&D, marketing, and strategic technology development.


Anders Jönsson

Orthopaedic surgeon Anders Jönsson, PhD - Anders is an experienced orthopedic surgeon, and presently head of orthopedic trauma at Sahlgrenska University Hospital in Sweden. For 7 years Anders served as a Director for Global Medical Science at Stryker Osteosynthesis, heading their activities in e.g. clinical research.


Pär-Olof Östman

Pär-Olov Östman
PhD, professor

Dentist Pär-Olov Östman, PhD, professor - Pär-Olov has >17 years of clinical experience with dental implants. He runs an implantology clinic in Falun, Sweden, is a visiting professor of University of Ghent, Belgium, and is also a consultant at Biomet 3i.


Pentti Tengvall,

Pentti Tengvall
PhD, professor

Biomaterials researcher Pentti Tengvall, PhD, professor - Pentti is a renowned professor with a strong reputation. For >20 years, he’s been investigating the interface between living tissue and biomaterial surfaces, and his knowledge in the area led him to develop the first prototype of Zolidd, together with professor Per Aspenberg. Pentti is a co-founder of AddBIO.



The Board

Peter Selley

Peter Selley

Peter Selley - Peter Selley has an extensive experience from the medical device and dental implants industry. During10 years as the CEO of Astra Tech, Peter Selley developed the business into one of the globally market leading dental implant companies. .

Gunilla Lundmark

Gunilla Lundmark
CEO Pharmanest AB

Gunilla Lundmark - Gunilla is CEO of Pharmanest AB and she has more than 20 years of experience working in top management positions in the international life science industry, including Pharmacia and Q-Med, where she was previously Vice President
Henrik Rammer
Claes Post, Investment Manager AlmiInvest - Claes has many years of experience from industry and academic research in pharmacology. During the last years his engagement has been focused on venture capital and Life Science start-up from universities.

Thomas Gür – Thomas Gür is the CEO of Accelerator Nordic AB who is the majority shareholder of AddBIO. As a former Member of the Board of Accelerator, Thomas has overseen the spin-off of several Life Science- companies.