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Zolidd® enhances screw fixation in compromised bone

A study to investigate better screw fixation with local delivery of bisphosphonate has been performed by collaboration with Ecole Polytechninique Federale (EPFL) in Switzerland, Stryker Osteosynthesis in Switzerland, the University of Gothenburg and Brunel University of England. The local delivery of bisphosphonate was made possible with AddBIOs product Zolidd®. The result of the study confirms that local delivery of bisphosphonate enhances the stability of bone screws. 

Primary stability of screws in cancellous bone is difficult to obtain in comprised bone and failure of screw fixation is common. To overcome this problem, locally delivered bisphosphonate from the screw is a proposed solution. In the present study, forty eight NZW rabbits had bilateral femur implantation of cancellous screws; one withZolidd® and one control. At 11 weeks, bone volume fraction and pull-out force were significantly higher for the Zolidd coated screws.