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A powerful solution for better bone

By strengthening the bone we are not only making all implants better - we are revolutionizing the implant industry by solving a worldwide health problem – inadequate bone holding power.

Inadequate bone holding power is a problem and Zolidd® is the solution. More than 100 million bone screws are used each year. Implant design has improved lately. However, improving the screw will not solve the problem, when the problem is inadequate bone holding power. Zolidd® strengthens the bone, and significantly improved implant performance has been proven in a clinical study.


animering 2013Zolidd® makes stronger bone.
Zolidd® is a proprietary bioactive nanolayer with a bone strengthening drug. With Zolidd® on an implant, the bone grows stronger, stability increases, and the risk of complications is reduced.

‹ This animation shows how the Zolidd® nanolayer
 makes the bone stronger.




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