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Clinical results – Zolidd improves function of external fixation pins

A randomized clinical trial shows that Zolidd® improves the function of orthopedic external fixation pins. 

External fixation with threaded pins is an easy and practical method for (minimally invasive) fracture fixation. It is mainly used for temporary fixation, because of problems with loosening and pin-tract infection, especially in spongeous (porous) bone. This problem can be largely overcome by the use of a hydroxyapatite (HA) coating. HA enables bone formation directly on the pin surface, which reduces loosening, but creates new problems such as difficult and painful removal. In the present study, implants with bisphosphonate were compared to implants coated with HA, as well as plain stainless steel implants.

“The study shows that local bisphosphonate improves the fixation in spongeous bone to the same degree that HA does. However, removal was as easy as with uncoated pins”, says Professor Per Aspenberg, Linköping University Hospital, co-author of the study and co-founder of AddBIO.

The study is published in Acta Orthopaedica