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Further support for the benefices with local delivery of bisphosphonates in bone

This study indicates that local zoledronate delivery into a compromised cancellous bone site actively supports peri-implant osteogenesis, positively affecting mesenchymal cells, at earlier time points than previously reported in the literature. This was done by immobilizing zoledronate on fibrinogen coated titanium screws. Using a bilateral approach, zoledronate loaded test and non-loaded control screws were implanted into femoral condyle bone defects, created by an overdrilling technique. Histological analyses of the local tissue effects such as new bone formation and osteointegration were performed at days 1, 5 and 10.

Histological results from the five day group demonstrated a higher osseous differentiation trend. At ten days an early influx of mesenchymal and osteoprogenitor cells was seen and a higher level of cellular proliferation and differentiation. All over results from bone-to-screw contact and bone volume values within the defect tended to increase and local drug release did not induce any adverse cellular effects.

Early tissue responses to zoledronate, locally delivered by bone screw, into a compromised cancellous bone site: a pilot study. Arnoldi J. Alves A, Procter P. BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders 2014, 

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