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First patient included in osteotomy study

19 May 2011

First patient included in clinical study with Skruvcoat
AddBIO AB reports that the first patient has been included in the clinical study in which AddBIO’s product Skruvcoat is used on patients undergoing surgery for knee degeneration.

The purpose of the study, which is conducted at the hospital in Hässleholm, Sweden, is to investigate if implants treated with Skruvcoat have better fixation in the shinbone and knee joint than implants without the Skruvcoat coating.
“Screw loosening and infections are serious problems, particularly in weak bone. Skruvcoat offers a promising solution through strengthening the bone itself, and we are therefore looking forward to the results of this study which we hope will result in fewer complications and less suffering for the patient”, says Trine Vikinge, CEO of AddBIO AB.

Skruvcoat is an implant coating that contains bisphosphonate, a drug currently used to treat osteoporosis. When the implant is placed in the bone, the drug is released, strengthening the bone around the implant and thus reducing the risk of complications. Skruvcoat is AddBIO’s first product from the FibMat drug-delivery platform.

The study, which is expected to be completed during 2011, will include 20 patients undergoing surgical knee joint distraction, i.e. an alteration of the angle of the knee joint with the purpose of changing the point of impact. Fixation will be measured after three months.
The study is conducted in association with the hospital in Hässleholm without specific compensation given to the hospital.

For additional information, please contact Trine Vikinge, CEO AddBIO AB, 
+46 70 2943125.

AddBIO AB, a subsidiary to Accelerator Nordic AB, has developed a unique biomaterial product enabling enhanced fixation of orthopedic implants and screws. After promising results from a pilot study that showed that dental implants coated with Skruvcoat had improved stability, two clinical studies are now on-going; an extended dental study as well as a study on patients undergoing knee surgery. For more information, please visit

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