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AddBIO’s patent approved in Europe

The European patent Office has granted AddBIO’s latest patent WO/2010/138062 Multilayer Protein Films, Methods Of Making, And Drug Delivery Devices And Biomedical Implants Employing The Films. This means that this patent is now approved and registered in US, China, Hongkong and Europe. The WO/2010/138062 patent is under examination in India.

-We are very pleased that this patent is finally registered in Europe. This was achived after years of claims discussions in collaboration with IP consulltants at Zacco. We see Europe and US as our primary markets for commercialisation and it is important that we are strenthening our patent portfolio and getting closer to have IP protection in all our markets, says CTO Lotta Tollstoy Tegler,PhD, responsible for IP at AddBIO.