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Areas of use - Overview

By improving bone holding power, Zolidd® are about to revolutionize the implant industry.

For dental implants, inadequate bone increases the waiting time for loading, as well as the risk of infections and failures. For many patients and dentists this is unsatisfactory and frustrating. In orthopedic fracture fixations, inadequate bone holding power carries a risk of screw cut-out, loosening, and re-operations, all of which are painful for the patients and costly for the healthcare providers. Zolidd® is an add-on, improving implant performance by strengthening the bone.

With Zolidd® on a Dental implant, the bone grows stronger, stability increases, and the risk of complications is reduced (Proven in a clinical study tested in humans).
With Zolidd®, trauma implants performance is significantly improved, without causing removal problems from bone in growth. (Proven in a clinical study tested in humans).