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The Market

The Global Dental Market is worth approximately 5,9B$ 2017. It is anticipated to increase to 7,9B$ by 2020 which means a healthy CAGR of close to 10%.

It is an oligopoly market where four companies together has around 65% market share. The remaining MA-share are shared of plus 400 companies.

To maintain a leading market position companies constantly seek differentiation, and eagerly tries to find technologies that could strengthening their competitive edge.

An emerging differentiator is the combination of implant devices combined with drugs, which has the potential to crate the next generation of implants that delivers quantifiable patient benefits.

The dental application will be our first product and it will also serve as a proof of concept for the Orthopaedic implant market.

dental market diagram 2

The Global Orthopaedic Market is close to 10 times bigger compared to the dental.

It is estimated to reach close to 50B$ 2017 and with a CAGR of 3% per year it will reach around 54B$ by 2020.

Similar to the dental implant market the five biggest companies holds close to 60% of the market. They obviously have a need for new technologies that can differentiate themselves to maintain their market and the price.

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