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The Zolidd® Nanolayer

Zolidd nanolayer

The Zolidd® coating is a bisphosphonate drug in a nanometer-thin protein multi-layer, attached to the implant 

The coating is applied to the implant after its conventional machining and cleaning processes have been completed and the implant is then packaged, labelled, and sterilized so that it is provided to the hospital/surgeon ready to use, in the same manner as uncoated implants.  When the Zolidd® coated implant is inserted into bone, the bisphosphonate is immediately available in the enclosed environment.  The high affinity of bisphosphonate for bone ensures that it remains localized to the bone around the implant. This gives a local bone strengthening effect and thereby enhances implant stability. Better implant stability is expected to enable better implant function and reduce the risk of complications.

Because the coating is extremely thin it does not interfere with the function of the implant and so any existing design of dental implant can be coated and used in the same way.  It does not require any change in implantation technique. The use of a protein coating ensures that the bisphosphonate is available in the local bone environment immediately after implantation.